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Mario & Luigi Paper Jam

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Control the power of Three

Our trio of heroes must go on quests, solve puzzles, and battle a multitude of meanies to restore order to the Mushroom Kingdom. Will their combined might be enough to overcome a pair of evil Bowser armies?
Our trio of heroes

Out and about

In Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam game, you'll be exploring grassy plains, dry deserts, deep jungles, icy mountains, and more. In order to get through these treacherous terrains, you'll need to rely on teamwork. Use Trio Actions to overcome obstacles and discover hidden treasures!

As you adventure through the Mushroom Kingdom, your team will gain experience, letting you learn even more cool moves. The more enemies you battle, the faster you'll level up!

Paper cuts

Winning battles in Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam often comes down to one thing: timing. When you attack an enemy, you must time your hits just right to maximize your power, otherwise your attack might land with a thud!

Bros. vs. foes

When your opponents are too tough for regular tactics, you can team up for more powerful Bros. Attacks to unleash more power.

Triple trouble

With the addition of Paper Mario, you can perform Trio Attacks with all 3 heroes for an extra-powerful attack. You can also combine forces when traveling with Trio Actions, using the power of paper to get you where you need to go.

The power of papercraft

Uh-oh. Bowser's baddies have come up with a towering weapon to destroy the Mushroom Kingdom. Luckily, Toadette has crafted a king-sized creation of her own to help the heroes fight back!

In order to power up your Papercraft, you'll need to unleash some deadly dance moves. Move to the beat in a rhythm microgame to charge up, then charge into battle!